Media with the Mufasa touch is always better because our mindset is fixed to approach everything from a programmatic-first, data-driven perspective. We view optimization through a layered, multimedia lens and this advanced level of comprehension consistently outputs stronger strategy and ultimately, superior performance. We are exceedingly proactive in test and learn recommendations and on-going education in order to keep our clients ahead of the curve and to drive media that is constantly evolving and becoming more efficient.



At Mufasa, we have no third-party platform or supply-side relationships that would negatively bias or interfere with any work we do on your behalf. Additionally, we have an uncomplicated and transparent business model. This model along with our proprietary scoping process leaves no room for hidden margins, media arbitrage or biased buying making us a trustworthy, genuine advocate motivated solely to do the best work in the best interests of our clients. 



In one Mufasa Executive, you have far-reaching expertise that would typically necessitate the resources of an entire team. Because of the depth and breadth of our individual and collective experience, we deliver an unmatched level of adaptability, agility, and efficiency in our provided service. Whatever the project calls for, with Mufasa you are guaranteed a thorough job complete and a comprehensive transition plan, so our exit is smooth and you’re left prepared. An investment in Mufasa is as an investment in yourself; we stay lean so our clients can grow and we will always leave you better.



Whether you may need a month to month stopgap as you backfill open positions, or you’re looking for a more permanent service partnership, Mufasa is moldable to accommodate a wide range of project scopes and service durations. Our simplified and proprietary scoping process makes it easy to access our in-demand talent quickly and with limited commitment.


We don’t believe in hoarding information as a tactic to retain business. Clients always maintain 100% ownership and transparency into all aspects of their media data and, if applicable, will have unrestricted access into any platform(s) media is being managed out of. Leading with this approach proactively promotes accountability which in turn fosters trust and enables an invaluable learning experience. We believe in empowering and advocating, not controlling.


Our service was designed to function in a constant state of readiness so we can hit the ground running and be of utmost value to our clients. We don’t have a traditional account team structure and because you’ll be working directly with a Performance Executive, you can rest assure delegated work is in good hands and free of any communication gaps that would impede responsiveness. With regards to our customers, be it an agency or brand direct, simply put, we deeply value our relationships and never overstep boundaries with end clients or retained agency partners.