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A Statement From Me

October, 2021

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Hello. My name is Stephanie. I also go by Mufasa. In addition to below, here is more about me. Thank you in advance for reading this! I appreciate you taking the time.

To be up front from the start, for your knowledge, I do not identify as any traditional American political label. I am not a Democrat or a Republican, a Conservative or Liberal. Personally, I resent the feeling of forced division that these labels invoke. Further, I dislike the subsequent culture enabled whereby any misalignment or questioning of a party’s overarching view is met as an attack on the party.


In America we have normalized a political environment of self-inflicted, groupthink gridlock that by design prioritizes the interests of political parties over the interests of people. The latter coupled with so many conflicts of interests tied to money and corporate influence has sadly created a broken, inefficient system that makes it easy for bad people to become wealthy, career politicians. A perpetual cycle of unaccountable ineffectiveness of which its output is felt heaviest on those at the bottom. Alas I digress, but just wanted to be clear about that up front since I believe in leading with transparency.

Running for mayor is a deviation from my plans but I felt compelled to step up because I am concerned about the direction that my home is headed, a city that I love very much, Chicago Illinois. Since early 2020, I – like everyone - continue to live through very confusing and trying times. For me, it was about halfway into the pandemic when I began to notice things didn’t feel quite right with information being presented at me from mainstream media and other sources that I once respected. A subsequent unraveling of trust commenced. 

A culmination of this dissolution of trust occurred when I saw UFOs (also referred to as UAPs - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) this past spring. I still believe what I saw was truly other worldly, but of course you could argue otherwise since there will never be confirmation.


Regardless of what’s true about what I saw, turns out, UFOs are in fact very real (here is the unclassified assessment released by the United States Government in June 2021). I highly recommend you watch the film Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind for more information on this topic. 


My since following research into UFOs and extraterrestrials has overall been a welcome and positive experience in my life, but it has also piled onto a growing sense of frustration that has started to boil over inside me. It is super disappointing that for my entire life the UFO narrative was enabled to persist as a conspiracy theory, meanwhile my country is filing patents for UFO technology.

Fusion energy and quantum mechanics is revolutionary stuff. I wish I could study it. I was looking forward to disclosure from the government in June but despite a timeline of several decades and billions of dollars in investigative funding, the deliverable provided was a 9 page report released on a Friday afternoon that in summary says: UFOs exist, they might be a security threat and that’s all we know. Right.

Circling back to Chicago, anyone familiar with the history of politics here would know that the city unfortunately does not have the best reputation. Corrupt, disorganized, lazy and self-interested politicians are nothing new to the state of Illinois. Unlike any other time in history however, we the people currently sit in an unprecedented position of vulnerability to the consequences of our poor leadership.


At this point ~19 months into the pandemic, it is undeniable that things are not working. We are not in a better spot and we are not moving in the right direction. Astonishingly though, despite reality as it is, Lori Lightfoot and JB Pritzker continue to not only double down on failing, one-size-fits-all solutions, but their strategic approach forward insists on more (illegal) overreach. At the most basic level, how could someone possibly be an effective leader when in the face of an increasingly worse off situation, the optimization strategy is to keep doing more of the same? The answer is, it’s not possible. These people do not care.

If leadership in Illinois really cared about my health, why then is JB Pritzker going out of his way to revise an Illinois law that protects our health? The Health Care Right of Conscience Act bans discrimination against individuals in their public or private sector job for refusing medical procedures for which they have a conscientious objection. 


If leadership in Chicago really cared about my health, why then wasn’t the Chicago Smart Lighting Project paused and reevaluated at some point before it was completed this past summer? A $160 million dollar investment to replace 85 percent of Chicago public streetlights. For your background, here is a video about 'smart' streetlights (I recommend starting at 1:00). These fixtures are inbuilt with 'smart' technology such as: 5G wireless, global positioning system (GPS) modules, radio-frequency identification (RFID), video surveillance, motion sensors and other useless – err, innovative – features for a streetlight. 


Micro and macro wireless antenna systems now surround us. It is impossible to understand the long-term health implications from increased exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) pollution because we have never had this kind of infrastructure in place before. According to the city press release, the intention behind the 'smart' lighting project was/is to "improve the quality of life in every Chicago neighborhood" and "save money over the long term through lower energy costs". Speaking for myself, I have not experienced any improvement to my quality of life. I would also like to know when the supposed energy cost savings from this project will manifest into something observable by the people. Because all I observe are higher taxes (specifically, a $76.5 million property tax hike in 2022). 

At the present time, my main concern is our future. Currently, we sit at a critical crossroads and if we continue on the current trajectory, Chicago will undoubtedly descend down a path that will be hard, if not impossible, to turn back from. Additionally, Lori and JB’s increasingly backwards, absent minded and tyrannical decision-making style is mirroring a bizarre trend sweeping our nation and globe.


If you aren’t aware (which many are not given the limited coverage by mainstream media), you must educate yourself on what is going on around us, here are some examples:



In Australia, curfews are in place and citizens are subjected to hefty fines and public shaming broadcasted on local news for breaching quarantine and other noncompliant behavior like walking maskless. Drone surveillance has been used to make sure people are properly social distancing. The government uses and is constructing more "purpose-built" hotel quarantine facilities. Rescue dogs were shot and killed to "prevent the spread of COVID-19 among shelter workers".


Intrastate travel into and within Australia is also severely restricted. The government of South Australia developed and is now testing an app that uses facial recognition and geolocation to enforce its quarantine rules. The state will text people at random times, and thereafter they will have 15 minutes to take a picture of their face in the location where they are supposed to be. Should they fail, they could be fined and/or arrested (source).  

Meanwhile, our President tweets “we share a common vision for the future” following a recent summit hosted with the Prime Ministers of Australia. Share a common vision? Tf?

All in all, to summarize:

  • Current State Of The State: Not improving.

  • Consequences If We Stay The Course: No going back normal.

  • Recommended Course Of Action: Pause. Reassess. Pivot.

  • Rationale For Recommendation: It’s been more then 15 days.


Given that the emergency that originally put us in this state of emergency has become more of an emergency, if I were currently mayor, I would issue the following new emergency orders:

  • All city employees to immediately and indefinitely cease communication with the general public regarding anything related to the topic of COVID-19.

  • Void all city directed medical mandates of any kind related to COVID-19.

  • Freeze all projects in development and currently operating that are funded by COVID-19 state and/or federal aid.

  • Retract any terms in place anywhere that could enable monetary kickbacks in return for compliance with city directed COVID-19 orders.

  • Immediately stop the building of any new 'Free COVID-19 Test' centers.

  • Immediately pause any city sponsored media campaigns that include any content on the topic of COVID-19. 


With regards to businesses in the city and the usage of scannable quick response (QR) codes as a prerequisite for commerce, service or entry, I believe it is the right for a private business to choose whether or not to lean into this (just as I also believe it is the right of a consumer to choose where to take their business).


With that said though, if I were mayor, I would require that any local business that chooses to implement the aforementioned system first provide customers a privacy policy that includes an outline of the cybersecurity risks assumed when their QR code is scanned, along with the measures in place (by that business specifically) to protect digitally stored personally identifiable (PII) data. If a business is found guilty in a court of law for mismanaging or enabling malicious use of customer PII data, the city will reserve the right to suspend business licenses.

Other top of mind considerations if I were mayor: 


  • Education: In general, it is my opinion that the entire Chicago Public School system should be rebuilt, re-funded and reorganized from scratch. If welcomed, I would happily participate with educators in tackling this together. Additionally, if children and parents supported the idea, I would introduce alternative path options for students age 16+. These apprenticeship path-to-long-term-career programs would come with a healthy annual salary. If the idea was supported by the Chicago Police Department, young adults could choose to, for example, enter the Police Apprenticeship program to become a full-time junior officer. 

  • Affordable living: Commercial real estate occupancy in the city is growing with increased numbers of people working from home among other economic and pandemic related changes. With that said, I would explore affordable and/or service traded housing options in skyscrapers downtown.  

  • Budget: I would do a deep dive and comprehensive audit of the city budget. I would analyze historical spend and any existing budget proposals to formulate a new plan around current and future needs. I would then prepare a public facing recommendation to outline current budget inefficiencies, areas for optimizations, investment roadmap, savings achieved and forecasted quantitative and qualitative return on investment.

  • Gangs: Simply put, I would take an entirely different approach then Lori Lightfoot. I don’t want to take away. I want provide and enable in return for turning things around. If I was welcomed, I’d like to personally get to know people who live this way of life so we can build a relationship and find ways to reduce violence and end bad cycles. 

  • Struggling Neighborhoods: I don’t know what I don’t know about life in certain areas of Chicago. If I was welcomed, I’d like to spend time getting to know mothers, children and families currently living in hardship in order to best recommend solutions that will make a real impact on their daily lives.

  • 5G: I would request an immediate, comprehensive examination of all ‘smart’ city technology for purposes of disabling unnecessary features that contribute to EMF pollution. Additionally, I would move forward with a city-wide audit of the current 5G antenna infrastructure in order to kick off the project of scaling back.


In conclusion, if given the opportunity by the people of Chicago to one day serve as their mayor, I would take the responsibility very seriously and commit to being the best one that they have ever seen.  

Thank you for reading this and I hope you sign my petition!