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A Statement From Me

May, 2022

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.--That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

-The Declaration of Independence 1776 (source)

Hello! If we have not yet been acquainted, my name is Stephanie (I also go by Mufasa). Here is more about me. Thank you so much for visiting my website and taking the time to read this! For background, I aspire to be the Mayor of Chicago in 2023 and I am in the process of collecting petition signatures so I can make the ballot next year. I will be running as an independent with no political party affiliation. The purpose of this statement is to:

  1. Provide an update since my fall 2021 statement 

  2. Document additional alarming failures from Chicago leadership 

  3. Expand upon my visions as leader for we the people 

  4. *Inspire you to sign my petition

*Only signatures from registered Chicago voters will be included in candidate submission material, but even if you don’t live in Chicago, I graciously welcome your petition signature if I’m privileged to gain your support!

Before I jump into anything further, I’d like to begin with condolences. Extending my sincerest sympathies:

  • To the innocent civilians, families and soldiers whose lives were forever changed / lost / displaced / devastated by the events that begin on 2.24.2022: There are no words to express my sadness for you. This situation is truly heartbreaking and even though my words are not much, know that when I become an elected official in the United States, I will do everything I can to help you. For people who choose to select Chicago as a destination to re-build their lives, as mayor, I will ensure the city enables you with support for a smooth transition.

  • To the innocent people of the world whose lives and loved one’s lives are physically, emotionally, mentally and financially impacted by covid-19: I am truly sorry for your experience, and it angers me so much that we are here. We must never forget the negligence, betrayal, and mismanagement from the people whose job it was to protect us from this situation happening in the first place. When I become an elected official, rest assure I will be your advocate. Below I have included various links to learn from stories of people impacted by the pandemic: 


  • Covid-19 long haulers group – Reddit community 

  • VAERS - The official US government vaccine adverse events reporting system (here is a direct link to search the database). As of April 2022, there are over 1.2 million injuries and 27k+ deaths attributed to the covid-19 vaccine in VAERS (source), (meta data here and here). 

    • For background, VAERS is a system that the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) is legally required to have. The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) was a law created to shield financial liability from vaccine manufacturers (more info). In the law, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was directed to create a surveillance system for vaccine adverse events. As stated in the law (and on the CDC’s website), NCVIA requires healthcare providers to report to this system. Critics today say that VAERS is broken, clunky and unreliable. Which is true. The system’s data is estimated to represent only a small fraction of actual injuries and deaths because, despite the law, most go unreported and unverified since VAERS documentation is not universally enforced. The reliability and usage of VAERS could be improved if the CDC chose to prioritize it, but they have not, for 36 years. Learn more (start @ 9:30).

  • React19.org – Resources and stories for/from the injured

  • Realnotrare.com – Stories from the injured

  • Nomoresilence.world – Stories from the injured

  • C19vaxreactions.com – Stories from the injured


Maddie’s story

Brianne’s story

Emma’s story

Ernesto Jr’s story (told by his dad Ernesto)

Jessica’s story

Yassine’s story

Vanessa’s story

Ryleigh’s story

Lisa’s story

Stephanie & her baby's story

Julie Anne's story

Kyle’s story

Everest’s story (told by his mom Cherie)

Candace’s story

Stephen's story

Nikki’s story

Milo’s story

Anna & her baby’s story

Adyn’s story

Casey’s story

Adrian’s story

Chari's story

Bob's story




Summary State of The State

Since my fall 2021 statement, I wish things were different but unfortunately, the world has continued on a destructive path. A war has begun. Millions are in new covid-19 lockdowns. Economies are collapsing. And the trend of bizarre, tyrannical, controlling and endlessly confusing behavior has continued in lock stop from political leaders everywhere. In the United States, media campaigns and politicians continue to bulldoze forward with the same inappropriate messaging and invasive pandemic “solutions” that did not/are not working (source); while simultaneously gaslighting us to believe all is well and making zero acknowledge of failures. As a world, it is not a reach to say that we could be on the brink of WWIII, major financial troubles, famines and other misfortunes. Below are some headlines from the past few months to reflect the reality I summarized above:


  • Russia declared a military operation in Ukraine (source). Many people have tragically died.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin warns other countries that attempt to interfere with the war would lead to “consequences you have never seen” (source).

  • The city of Shanghai China has been locked down for many weeks (source).

  • The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, vowed to freeze bank accounts of the truckers protesting his covid-19 mandates (source).

  • Sri Lanka announces default on all of it’s $51 billion external debt (source).

  • Deutsche Telekom to build global covid vaccine app for World Health Organization (source).

  • Vaccine passport microchip implants in Sweden (source).

  • Extension of European Commission digital covid certificate regulation (source).

  • Ghana to require unvaccinated people to get a shot upon arrival in order enter the country (source).

  • Germany and Austria imposed covid lockdowns on unvaccinated people (source).

  • The Singapore government, which previously had been covering the medical bills of covid-19 patients, announced they will no longer do that for unvaccinated people (source).

  • The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control announced that arrivals from US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia need to take a saliva test at the airport upon arrival (source).

  • Ontario announced an indefinite extension of it’s QR (quick response) code vaccination system (source).

  • The Director of Public Health in Scotland urged citizens to cancel 2021 Christmas plans due to a number of “omicron covid outbreaks linked to parties” (source).



  • The President of the United States told unvaccinated Americans to prepare for a winter of “severe illness and death” (source).

    • Joe’s words from Whitehouse.gov: “For unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death… for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm. But there’s good news. If you’re vaccinated, and you have your booster shot, you’re protected from severe illness and death, period.”

  • Joe Biden gets his 4th covid vaccine on national television (even through just one short year ago it was sold in as a 2 shot series that would effectively end covid-19).

  • Joe urged Congress to spend even more on pandemic: “we can’t wait” (source).

  • The White House says it expects inflation to be “extraordinarily elevated” (source).

  • The US government sends billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine (source, sourcesource).

  • The Biden administration withdraws covid vaccine mandate for private businesses after losing Supreme Court case (source).

  • The US Army discharges soldiers who haven’t taken the covid vaccine (sourcesource).

  • The US Justice Department asks federal appeals court to resume enforcing federal employee vaccinate mandate (source).

  • The CDC say masking on transportation ‘remains necessary for the public health’ and seeks an appeal to overturn the order that voided the original mandate (source).

  • The Mayo Clinic fired 700 employees for not complying with it's covid-19 vaccine mandate (source, source).

  • Philadelphia ends mask mandate, days after reinstating it (source).

  • Kids in Milwaukee public schools had one day without a mask mandate before the district reimposed it (source).

  • In December, Middlebury College in Vermont reverts to remote learning due to an increase in covid-19 cases despite most students vaccinated (source).   

  • Princeton University in New Jersey mandates students get covid-19 boosters, restricts student travel and requires submission of a covid test upon arrival on campus (source).  

  • The Mayor of Washington DC announced proof of vaccine at restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other establishments (source). One month later, he ended it (source).

  • A new bill in Rhode Island (bill S2552) introduced in March 2022 proposes a covid-19 vaccine mandate (including boosters) for anyone who lives in and works in Rhode Island. Punishment for noncompliance includes a $50 monthly fee and doubling of personal income tax liability (source).

  • Boeing and Airbus warn US over 5G safety concerns (source). AT&T and Verizon reject request from the Federal Aviation Administration to delay 5G launch in the US (source).  

  • In New York:

    • Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that residents who get a covid-19 vaccine booster will receive $100 from the city (source).

    • Bill de Blasio also implemented a mandate for all private sector businesses to mandate vaccinations for workers (source).

    • In New York City, a mask mandate for toddlers will remain in place after appeals court issues stay (source).

    • The state of New York gave 50 vaccinated children free college (source). Click here to learn more about New York's 'Vaccinate, Educate and Gradate' program.  

    • A student at Union College in New York was expelled for refusing to get a covid-19 booster shot, even though her doctor wrote a letter to the college warning that her getting a booster was “ill-advised” because she is experiencing severe health problems “presumably caused by the vaccine itself” (source). 

    • Here are some new laws proposed in New York this year:

      • Assembly bill A416 – Removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who the government deems a potential danger to the public health.

      • Assembly bill A279A – Requires a health care provider who administers a vaccine to report that information to the department of health database.

      • Assembly bill A2240 – Mandatory influenza vaccine for persons attending daycare.

      • Assembly bill A8398 – Limits exemptions from vaccines.

      • Assembly bill A7829 – Requires covid-19 vaccine of certain post-secondary students.

      • Assembly bill A8378 – Authorizes the commissioner of health to develop and supervise covid-19 vaccine programs for purposes of state aid to schools and requires the shot for attendance at school.

      • Senate bill S3041 – Permits any child who is at least 14 years of age to have administered to himself or herself certain vaccines required or recommended by law.



  • In Illinois:

    • Governor JB Pritzker signed an amendment to the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act in order to limit opposition to his covid-19 vaccination mandate (source).

    • An Illinois State representative introduced (and then pulled) a bill that would require the unvaccinated to pay for their own covid medical expenses “even if they have health insurance” (source). This is despite the fact that vaccinated or unvaccinated, people in America are already responsible for covering their own health care costs.

    • Illinois launches a new taxpayer funded ad campaign that specifically targets people who are “reluctant to get vaccinated for covid-19”. The "On the Fence" campaign features 18 separate stories from Illinoisans who “at first resisted getting the shot but have since been vaccinated” (source). I guess no doesn’t mean no when it comes to penetration from a needle?

    • Former Illinois House Speaker charged with racketeering (source).

    • JB Pritzker vetoes proposal to pay covid-19 sick leave to all school employees (source).

    • An Illinois appellate court reinstates Chicago Public Schools (CPS) requirement that employees must show proof of covid-19 vaccination or test weekly (source).  



In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to recklessly abandon the best interests of her constituents. 

  • Lori Lightfoot steamrolls onward with illegal medical pressures that violate bodily autonomy:

    • Chicago closes schools for a day so students can get vaccinated (source).

    • Lori vows to enforce covid vaccine mandate against police officers (source).

    • Chicago city employees faced deadline to get first vaccine dose, or risk losing pay (source).


  • Despite being vaccinated and boosted, Lori says she has covid-19.

    • Lori then says in a statement (source) that “this is an urgent reminder for folks to get vaccinated and boosted as it’s the only way to beat this pandemic”.


  • Lori physically threatens unvaccinated Chicagoans, saying “their time is up”.

    • Lori tweets on 12.21.2021: “To put it simply, if you have been living vaccine-free, your time is up. If you wish to live life as w/the ease to do the things you love, you must be vax'd. This health order may pose an inconvenience to the unvaccinated, and in fact it is inconvenient by design”.

  • Lori introduces new illegal mandates.

    • Chicago to require vaccine proof starting in January for restaurants, bars and other indoor venues (source).


  • Lori backtracks on illegal mandates.

    • Chicago to drop mask mandates and proof of vaccine mandates (source).

  • Lori uses taxpayer dollars to fund pay-outs to citizens (including children) in exchange for participation in a medical experiment.  

    • Lori posts a tweet encouraging citizens to do in-home vaccination. In the tweet, Lori stands next to a bunch of cash with the message "get vaccinated from the comfort of your home and this stack could be yours 💰💵".

    • In a press release from the Office of the Mayor on Nov 5 2021, it states that “all 5-to-11-year-olds will be eligible for $100 in Visa gift cards ($50 card for each dose) when receiving their vaccine at Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) events or clinics”.

  • Lori’s rhetoric, illegal policies and pressures continue to fuel chaos, tragedy and in-fighting in schools.

    • Student commits suicide after bullying about his vaccination status: lawsuit (source).

    • Chicago cancels public school classes in clash with teachers (source).

    • Chicago schools closed for third-straight day amid heated negotiations (source).

    • Lightfoot leaves Board Of Education seat empty after arguing against elected board (source).

  • Lori admits life expectancy in Chicago has declined (see this press release from the Office of the Mayor released on April 25 2022).

  • Crime in Chicago continues to escalate under Lori Lightfoot.

    • 2021 ends as Chicago’s deadliest year in a quarter century (source).

    • Cook County Medical Examiner’s office recorded over 1,000 murders in 2021 - the first year it has crossed the 1,000th mark since 1994 (source).

    • Downtown shootings continue spike with a 64% jump in 2022 (source).

    • Lori deflects blame for recent carjacking wave (source).

    • 32 people are shot in Chicago over a weekend, but Lori reassures us that she’s “not gonna rest” until we feel safe (source).  

    • Lori deflects blame again for increase in crime (source).

    • Lori always deflects blame (source).

    • Lori keeps deflecting (source).

    • Nothing is ever Lori’s fault (source).


Why Lori is Unfit To Continue As Mayor Of Chicago And Why We Can Not Re-Elect Her

This list of course isn’t comprehensive, but here are some key reasons why we must never forget what Lori has done - and why we must say NO to Lori Lightfoot in 2023:

  • Lori thinks she is above *the law.

    • Lori compromised jobs of city employees who declined to participate in a medical experiment. Lori said “all city employees, including police officers who fail to comply [with participating in the medical experiment] may also face disciplinary action, up to and including termination” (source).


*Note: In November 2021, JB Pritzker went out of his way to change The Health Care Right Of Conscience Act (see section 13.5 in this document). Despite JB’s change, it does not change, what he and Lori have already done (and continue to do) in violation of the law as of May 2022. As stated in the amended section, the adjustment “shall apply to all actions commenced or pending on or after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 102nd General Assembly. Additionally, nothing in the revised section was/is intended to affect any right or remedy under federal law. (Source: P.A. 102-667, eff. 6-1-22.)”.

  • Lori thinks it’s OK to lock us down again.

    • As a reminder, in 2020 Lori locked down the entire city and threatened to arrest you if you did not comply (source).

    • In Jan 2022, Lori said she aims to avoid another covid lockdown but ‘won’t take it off the table’ (source).


Check out this video of Lori from April 2022 (starting at 52:30). In response to a question about broadband infrastructure in the city, Lori says she is “very focused” on getting her fair share of budget (for broadband projects) from the federal and state government. Lori believes we should be “scaling up” to get “the entire city connected”. Lori clearly has not done her homework because if she did, she would know that the number 1 way to protect a human body from EMF and radiofrequency radiation is to reduce proximity to hardware that emits it (source). If you aren’t aware, as mentioned in my fall 2021 statement, last year Chicago completed a $160 million project to replace nearly every light post in the city with “smart” streetlights enabled with wireless technology and other “connected” features (source, source, source, source, source). If Lori did her homework, why would she choose to further surround us with wireless antenna hardware?  


  • Lori creates dysfunction and bad energy.

    • A frustrated Chicago 911 dispatcher said “this mayor does not care about Chicago police officers, period” (source). Listen to Keith Thornton’s experience.

    • Lori Lightfoot keeps dropping the ball with teachers and students in Chicago schools (source, source, source, source, source).

    • The Chicago Tribune was investigating reports of high staff turnover at City Hall when they uncovered an 'unhinged' email that Lori sent to a former employee (source). According to Chicago Tribune reporter Gregory Pratt, city hall is having difficulty hiring and retaining staff (source).

    • Lori is being sued by her former First Deputy General Counsel of the Chicago Park District (source). According to the lawsuit, Lori berated and defamed George in front of a colleague on a zoom call. Among her words, "My d*** is bigger than yours and the Italians, I have the biggest d*** in Chicago." (read the entirety of her alleged statements in the lawsuit here).

    • On Lori’s 2nd anniversary in office, she decided to grant one-on-one interviews only to reporters of certain skin colors (source, source). Tribune reporter Gregory Pratt, who is Latino, revealed he was among those who had been granted an interview but the newspaper decided to cancel it when Lori refused to lift her ban on other reporters. Gregory said, 'I am a Latino reporter @chicagotribune whose interview request was granted for today. However, I asked the mayor's office to lift its condition on others and when they said no, we respectfully canceled,' Pratt tweeted. 'Politicians don't get to choose who covers them.'

    • The Daily Caller News Foundation and Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against Lori for refusing an interview with a white reporter (source). 

  • Lori is expensive and she has demonstrated that she is unfit to manage our budget.

    • In 2022, the Office of the Mayor department within the city’s core operating fund (called the ‘corporate fund’) has an appropriation of over $11 million dollars (see page 14 in this document). As you can see based on the comparative summary of expenditures for 2020, 2021 and 2022 (see page 29 in this document) spend for the Office of the Mayor specifically has increased year over year in excess of $1.1 million dollars.

    • In 2021, property taxes increased by $94 million. Property taxes again increased by $76.5 million in 2022. Lori’s continued tax hikes follow former Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s record-breaking tax hikes that increased the burden on us Chicagoans by nearly $700 million.

    • Under Lori’s leadership, the city’s core operating fund will spend $4.9 billion in 2022, up from $4 billion in 2021 (here is the full $16.7 billion 2022 budget recommendation and budget overview on Chicago.gov). In 2022, the city budget is up nearly 60% over pre-covid 2019. And this is despite receiving billions in incremental revenue from relief funds such as the  American Rescue Plan (grants from the state and federal government have tripled as compared to 2019). The 2021 budget spent $15.1 billion, which in itself was more than 40 percent bigger than 2019. Compared to 2021, Chicago’s 2022 $16.7 billion budget is up 10 percent, a large amount for any single year (source).

    • According to the City of Chicago’s covid-19 expenditure update, as of April 5 2022, the city has spent $576.7 million dollars on the covid-19 response. As you’ll see in the chart, a large % of the money was spent on personnel costs, vaccines and the McCormick Alternative Care Facility that treated less then three dozen patients in total.


As you can see by everything outlined above, Lori Lightfoot is a serious problem to Chicagoans. In my opinion, what makes Lori so dangerous is her incredible lack of self-awareness. Lori does not believe she is unfit to run our city. Check out this video of Lori from April 2022. In response to tough remarks from a reporter about her terrible performance as mayor, Lori says she “disagrees fundamentally”. Lori continued to gaslight by saying, “I don’t think I need to address and dignify your comments one second further”.

Our city’s budget continues to bloat, crime is worsening, taxes are increasing, money is not being spent well and the output of Lori’s “work” is the situation we are in now. If this isn’t failure, what is?

My Plan As Mayor Of Chicago

If I were to be elected as Mayor of Chicago, I would transform the government of this city – for the better, and for the long term. I would lean out and restructure our system for purposes of creating a refreshed base governmental platform that is smaller, but smarter, and that operates more effectively for the people. My goal as mayor will be to get to the root of problems – and to fix them. I will change the city in ways that will not only make it a better place to live for generations to come, but also a more functional enterprise for future elected officials to inherit.

As Mayor of Chicago, I will:

  • Make Chicago a less expensive place to live

  • Make Chicago a safer place to live

  • Make Chicago (an even more) beautiful place to live

  • Feed communities, create jobs and generate local business

  • Create exciting new opportunities for youth in the city  

  • Attract new business, tourism and people who want to raise their families in the city

Below are examples of new programs I would test introducing:  


  • Apprenticeships: The Chicago Apprenticeship Programs (CAPs) will be an alternative education path offered exclusively to Chicago Public School (CPS) students. CAPs will be a new path-to-long term career education and employment program that will come with a healthy salary. Students that choose to go down the CAP path will align to a condensed educational curriculum that ensures they do not miss out on key studies before graduation into their first year of CAP. The CAP program will partner exclusively with local Chicago businesses to offer long-term placement opportunities and subsidized salaries for CAP apprentices. Below is a starter listed of CAPs:

    • Agriculture and Farming Science  

      • This CAP program will present an opportunity for students who seek to learn the skills of small to large scale sustainable farming, administration in agriculture, and agribusiness operations. All CAPs in this program will work with Chicago city markets and the Chicago park district to expand local food production and cultivation.

    • Arts, Attractions & Entertainment

      • This CAP program will present an opportunity for students interested in the creative arts, architecture preservation and entertainment industry (production, development, design, visual art, culinary art, performing art etc.). The city will partner with local theatre districts, venues, museums, stadiums, restaurants and other relevant businesses for CAP graduates to feed into for future placement.  

    • Building, Mechanical and Other Technicians

      • This CAP program will present an opportunity for students who seek to train in construction and trades (carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical engineering, etc.), mechanical (insulator, installer, machinist, etc.) and other industrial sciences. The city will partner with a variety of local businesses for CAP graduates to feed into for future placement.  

    • Hospitality Service and Experience Management  

      • This CAP program will present an opportunity for students to train to become business managers, service providers, logistics and operations planners. The city will partner with local government, public and private clubs, banquet halls, hotels, restaurants other relevant businesses for CAP graduates to feed into for future placement.   

    • Parks and Recreation

      • This CAP program will present an opportunity for students who seek to work in cultural and environmental enhancement, recreation administration, park preservation, management and beautification. All CAPs in this program will work exclusively among/within the municipal parks in the city of Chicago.   

    • Police Force


  • Meals: No one who lives in the city of Chicago should have to go without a meal. Meals will be your local, and exceptionally maintained, community dining hall(s). Meals will serve daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, to any Chicago citizen that wants a free meal. Food will be exclusively purchased and sourced from local Chicago restaurants and local food suppliers. Long term, it is my goal that Meals will be exclusively staffed with students from the hospitality CAP program.


Other things I would do as mayor:

  • I would immediately offer jobs back (in addition to back pay) to anyone who was forced to quit or was fired because of medical experiment mandates.

  • I would ensure that all funds from the American Rescue Plan are exclusively allocated directly to injured families and people adversely impacted by the pandemic.

  • I would work with the Department of Transportation to reorganize projects for purposes of earmarking sufficient budget for long-term renovations to the city’s elevated train (know as the “L”) and Metra train systems. Rotting and poorly upkept train tracks and bridges is a real problem (example here). In the best interest of public safety, I think this will be an important project to prioritize.  

  • I would offer incentives and on-going care packages for citizens who adopt from local animal shelters.

  • I would sunset the existence of QR codes in all city marketing material and internal communications.    

  • In addition to CAPs, I would introduce a public education program open to Chicago citizens of any age. This program will offer free educational courses (across a variety of topics) to anyone who desires to attend and learn. Professors in this program will be staffed exclusively by Chicago based experts.


In terms of finances, I would deploy a 5 year plan that incrementally lowers most local and intergovernmental tax obligations (page 9 in this document) by a total of 50%. I would also put an indefinite ban on property tax increases. To make up for lost tax revenue and to fund new programs, my core financing strategy will focus on reducing substantial waste within the city’s corporate fund (total 2022 appropriation = $4,883,997,000, see page 13). I would leverage savings from the corporate fund budget adjustments to pilot new initiatives that will produce a higher long term return on investment for the people. After doing a preliminary analysis of the entire 2022 city of Chicago budget, *I have identified several departments within the corporate fund that I would immediately start with (see page 14 & 15 for a full list of departments). I would first focus on generating savings from the corporate fund and then cascade successful and applicable changes to the same departments within other city funds.

*excluding the Police Department, Fire Department and other essential and emergency departments. See page 14 for a full list of appropriations by department in the corporate fund.



Macro Level Leadership Considerations


On a wider scope, if one day I was in a position of influence at the state or federal level, below is starter list of things I would do:


  • I would roll out successful changes introduced by me in Chicago (explained above and in my fall 2021 statement) to the broader country.

  • If I was welcomed, I would as soon as possible seek to meet with leaders of other countries – starting specifically with leaders of other countries that politicians in the United States have failed to build diplomatic relations with.

  • Same as at the local level, I would deploy the following specific to covid-19:  

    • All federal government employees to immediately & indefinitely cease communication with the general public regarding anything related to the topic of covid-19.

    • Void all federal directed mandates of any kind related to covid-19.

    • Freeze all projects related to covid-19 in development and operating that are funded by taxpayer dollars. 

    • Void any terms in place anywhere that can enable monetary kickbacks or incentives in return for compliance with federal directed covid-19 orders.

    • Void any terms in place anywhere that can put access to financial aid contingent upon following federally mandated covid-19 protocols.

    • Immediately stop the building of any new 'Free Covid-19 Test' centers.

    • Immediately pause any federally sponsored media campaigns that include any content on the topic of covid-19.  


In addition to above, I would seek to void approval of the drug Remdesivir. On April 25 2022, the Food and Drug Administration expanded use of this drug to include pediatric covid-19 patients (source). Click here (and here) to learn more about Remdesivir. I would also immediately pause all biomedical projects funded by taxpayer dollars. I would instead direct resources assigned to these projects to focus entirely on researching covid-19 vaccine adverse events. The afflictions of injured Americans needs to be properly studied so these people can get the treatment they need and deserve.


  • In order to ensure we do not repeat mistakes made in 2020, 2021 and 2022, I would make sweeping changes in policy with regards to how the US government, media and pharmaceutical companies can legally co-operate. In general, it is my opinion that there needs to be vast de-coupling. Below are just some initial thoughts:

    • I would make it illegal for the government to use taxpayer dollars to fund ad campaigns and influencer marketing that promotes a pharmaceutical product.

    • I would make it illegal for the government to use coercive messaging like “We Can Do This” (as demonstrated in this ad from April 2022) in any direct-to-consumer ads that promote products for which they hold no legal liability for.

    • I would make it illegal for the government to enter into contracts with pharmaceutical companies that indemnifies the pharmaceutical company from liability (source).

    • I would ban pharmaceutical lobbying in the federal government.

    • I would make it illegal for a media company to air segments targeted at children which include a pharmaceutical product and/or health advice that promotes ingesting or injecting the body with a pharmaceutical product (example, example, example).

    • I would make it illegal for a company that identifies itself as “news” media to publish “news” content that promotes and/or favorably positions products from an active sponsor without a clearly stated disclaimer.

    • I would make it illegal to use taxpayer money to fund cruel biomedical tests on animals (source, source).

    • I would make it illegal for the government to collect, store, share or sell any biomedical data in any form (example).

    • I would make it illegal for employees of federal government health agencies to accept royalty payments from pharmaceutical companies (source, source, sourcesource).

    • I would make it illegal for a federal government health agency to accept drug review budget from pharmaceutical companies (source, source). 

    • I would make it illegal to patent viruses (see this video for background, starting at 2:42).

    • To keep White House communications staff more accountable to the people, I would introduce verbiage in employment contracts that restricts press secretaries from accepting employment at a broadcast media company for a minimum of 3 years post-employment.

Other things I would pursue:

  • I would legalize marijuana at the federal level.

  • I would partner with state and city leaders across the country to reform departments of children and family services. I would do this to ensure what happened to AJ Freund and Gabriel Fernandez never happens again.  

  • I would create a global and galactic relations development team.

  • I would substantially tighten regulatory approval processes for companies seeking to do research (and to deploy) biomedical and biotechnology products that create risk of placing humans in non-consensual medical experiments.

    • Example: Biotech firm Oxitec launches field test of first genetically modified mosquitos in Florida (sourcesource, sourcesource).

    • Example: Transhumanist bio-metric sensors and nanotechnology as described by Yuval Harari (source, source).  

    • Example: Geoengineering products that emit solar radiation and stratospheric aerosols (source).

    • Example: Systems that can mine cryptocurrencies using data collected from humans as they exercise or read an advertisement.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the conclusion is clear; we must fire Lori Lightfoot in 2023. While our world at large stands in a precarious position, a beautiful silver lining is that we also stand in the face of an unprecedented opportunity to take back our future. Never before in the history of the world has the flaws of our system and political leaders been so clearly visible for all to see. We must not bury our heads in the sand or look away. We must acknowledge truth, hold people to account and say NO to policies and politicians that have failed us. As a people, the only way we can take back our future is by setting aside our differences and elevating our collective conscious to a higher vibration, one where negativity and division has zero place to thrive. A future where we ascend above the dystopic, two-dimensional matrix that our current powers-at-be are relying on trapping us into. Elected officials in the United States of America take an oath to faithfully serve the people. We must no longer accept politicians that break this oath.  

My Call To Action For You:

  • Please sign my petition so I can get on the ballot for Mayor of Chicago in 2023.

  • Spread the word! Share this with family and friends.

The government works for us, the people. Not the other way around. Let’s together make sure this point is clear by voting accordingly in 2023 and beyond.

Thank you so much for reading this! I look forward to working together to build our new future.