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stephanie mustari

Brands image
Neon lion sign
Graffiti mural of Mufasa
Graffiti mural of Mufasa
Neon lion sign
Graphic of the word 'about'

I was born under summer sun in the desert city of Yuma Arizona. Yuma receives the most recorded mean of sunshine of anywhere on Earth and is home to the busiest air station in the United States Marine Corps. At the time of my birth the temperature was 101 degrees. My first name (Stephanie) comes from the Greek name Στέφανος meaning Crown; victorious.


Life Path Number:


The Leader


From the start, I naturally gravitated towards a few specific things. One of them was the stage. As a child, this pull to perform manifested as a successful streak winning beauty pageants. I remember enjoying pageants and I thought it was cool I was good at them. Crown or not however, coincidentally, from the start, I have always known I am a Queen. 


Destiny Number


The Lightning Rod


When we are all born, the Sun, the Moon, planets and stars are uniquely positioned across the celestial heavens above. Each astronomical body and it's position together paint a blueprint of our soul imprinted in the sky.


When I was born, the Sun was in Leo; a fire sign ruled by the Sun itself and marked by the symbol of a fearless lion. The Moon was in Aries. Also a fire sign, Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of energy and drive. In mythology, Mars was the god of war. The sign on the cusp of the 1st house was in Capricorn; a power sign symbolized as the goat of the zodiac and ruled by the persevering energy of planet Saturn. When I was born, this ruling planet of my natal chart was in the 11th astrological house; the house of dreams.

For those curious, years ago Mufasa came to be a nickname spun from a phonetic similarity to my surname. I vibed with the synchronicity. 

It is a pleasure to meet you. 

pro·gram·mat·ic ad·ver·tis·ing (noun)

// the use of automated, data-driven processes to buy, sell and algorithmically optimize media.

pro·gram·mat·ic ad·ver·tis·ing

// (noun)the use of automated, data-driven processes to buy, sell and algorithmically optimize media.

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