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Performance Media by Mufasa℠ is an exclusive concierge programmatic media service that delivers Executive level biddable buying intelligence. Performance Media by Mufasa℠ was strategically designed to offer flexible, fast and limited commitment programmatic support to both agencies and brands direct. Our service is entirely unique because of the talent that we provide and the way in which it can be provided.

Mufasa Performance Executives are digital optimization experts with razor sharp hands-on-keyboard skills, fluency across multiple biddable medias and Director+ level leadership experience. In one Mufasa Executive, you have far-reaching expertise that would typically necessitate the resources of an entire team. Because of the depth and breadth of our individual and collective experience, we offer unmatched adaptability, agility and efficiency in the service we provide. 

At Mufasa, we have an uncomplicated and transparent business model. This model along with our proprietary scoping process leaves no room for hidden margins, media arbitrage or biased buying making us a trustworthy, genuine advocate motivated solely to do the best work in the best interests of our clients. Performance Media by Mufasa℠ maintains a lean service so our clients can grow and we always leave you better.